Guest rooms le Roc sur l'Orbieu near Lagrasse

The four houses of the guests rooms Le Roc sur l'Orbieu near Carcassonne lie along the narrow lane of the casltle.

 The rooms are all independent of one another, three of them have private, fully equipped terraces.

Our lounges have cozy fireplaces in winter.

The gardens, terraces and the verabda provide quiet spaces in spring, summer and fall.

 During the summer, you will be refreshed in our counter-current pool,

 as well as in the swimming holes of the Orbieu River, which your children will love.

The guests rooms at Le Roc sur l'Orbieu near Lagrasse are housed in four parts of this medieval castle, with niches, cubbyholes and steps leading to different levels.

At first, you might be a little disriented, but you will soon find all the areas at your disposal in

my bed and breakfast in the Corbières.

There are lounges and sittings rooms, dining rooms and an honesty bar. In winter, cozy fires blaze in the fireplaces. in summer, all the doors are open to the breeze and the sun.

 Gardens, terraces and pool in guests rooms le Roc sur l'Orbieu

When I began restauration 25 years ago, I cleared all the rubble from the castle ruins and the narrow lane to reveal the cobbled street beneath.

I conserved all the structures for the renovations, those with four walls were made into dwellings. Whatever was too damaged, I transformed into small patios and gardens.... near Carcassonne

chambres et table d'hôtes LE ROC SUR L'ORBIEU et LE REMPART


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